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April 2015

Unprecedented Achievements – ESTES Adapts Hi-Tech Learning

By Dr. Buz McNutt, Director

As most of you know, we have been thrilled to support the ministry of the Evangelical School of Theology Shalom in N'Djemena, Chad for many years now. Eight years ago, God planted a vision to bring the school and the students into the 21st century. That is, a vision to see the students' ability to engage in research at the world-class level through the use of technology. ESTES has had a modest (hard copy) library and from time to time Mission Chad has been used to make additions to its holdings. However, in 2007 we believe God

began to direct us to pray and seek a way to bring computers and Bible research software to Chad. Our hope was to bring the finest in biblical research to these students who would graduate and plant churches throughout the country. This would truly be an historic advancement for the churches of Chad. ...


April 2015

Village Altonodji: A Place Where Blessings (and Memories) Abound

By Bill VanderKlippe, Director

The month of March was approaching, and, as the Canadian winter was winding down, it seemed like a grand idea – travel to a warm place. We quickly discovered that there can be a substantial difference between one "warm" place and the next.

Our daughter Lisa had gone to Chad, Africa the fall of 2011 on a short term voluntary mission placement under the SALT ("Serving and Learning Together") program of the Mennonite Central Committee. We wanted to see her and share in her experiences, so in March of 2012 we made the trip to join her for a few days. Our arrival was in the evening, we were "warmly" welcomed with the dry 85+ ° (F) heat of Chad. The trip from the capital, N'djamena, to Moundou started early the next day, and lasted 6+ hours in a small bus, with ...


February 2015

Dreams Can Come True: Tikaou "Kaki" Ouang

By Nancie Hoffman, Mission:Chad Director

How often have you heard it said that "one person can't make a difference"? Yet, your donations to Mission:Chad are changing the lives of the orphans at Village Altonodji, one by one, by providing them with food, clothing, healthcare, shelter , and an education. When the Village Altonodji opened its gates in 2007, one of the original orphans living there was Tikaou Ouang-kaki ("Kaki"). At age 13, Kaki was described as "a shy and quiet girl" who loved studying English and singing. When asked if she had any special needs, Kaki replied, "I have need of advice!" ...


January 2015

ESTES: Investing in Future Pastors in this Digital Age

By Dr. Buz McNutt, Mission:Chad Director

At the heart of our work in Chad is the support of the evangelical churches. At the heart of the future of the evangelical church in Chad is the training of future pastors. In October of this year, ESTES celebrated 25 years of pastoral training, raising up the next generation of spiritual leaders for the nation as well as the women who support them. Yet, they have done so with a dearth of Biblical resources at their disposal. ...


December 2014

Up to the Challenge - Dr. Abel, New ESTES Principal

In October 2014 Mardochee Nadoumngar, former Principal of ESTES, took a position with Overseas Council International (OCI), and Abel Ngarsoulede was installed as his replacement at ESTES.

My name is Abel Ngarsoulede. I was born on September 14, 1960 at Logone Oriental into a Christian family. I am Chadian nationality. My father was a pastor who ministered throughout his life. Indeed, I had the privilege of being educated by my parents in the culture of the gospel to the Church. Thus I accepted the Lord Jesus as my Savior when I was young, in 1968. I was baptized in October 15th 1978. I have had ups and downs in my walk with God, ...


October 2014

Chad: A Place of Stability in Recent African News

By John Wickberg, President, Mission:Chad

With all the recent news about disease, terrorism and political unrest in Africa, we thought our donors might want to know how some of the major events in Africa are impacting Chad. Before going into details, though, we should remember "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear…" Psalm 46 (ESV).

Ebola – Ebola is a virus that is spread by direct contact and has a high mortality rate, around 50% on average (there have been about 2,100 deaths out of 4,000 cases in the current outbreak). The primary centers of the current outbreak are Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia, with Liberia being the hardest hit. These countries are about 2,300 miles...

October 2014

New Church Planting Matching Gift Opportunity!

By Steve Brendle, Director, Mission:Chad

With all the insurgent activity occurring around Chad, expanding the Church in Chad has become an even greater imperative. None of us knows how much time we have to do the important work of the Great Commission in Chad; we need to take advantage of every opportunity to advance the Gospel while we have time.

One of our early partners working with Pastor Bako and the Chadian evangelical churches focused their mission work on spreading the Gospel through church planting in southern Chad. They started by funding the chapel in the center of Village Altonodji in 2006, and have since funded four pastors and churches in some very rural areas of southern Chad. Members of Mission:Chad have attended the dedication of...



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June 2014

Trusting in the Lord

By Dr. Mardochee Nadoumngar
Principal of ESTES (The Shalom Evangelical School of Theology, Ndjamena, Chad, Africa)

"Do not, O LORD, withhold your mercy from me; let your steadfast love and your faithfulness keep me safe forever." (Psalm 40:11)

As we approach the end of the 2013-2014 academic year with the graduation ceremony scheduled for June 28, 2014, we look back and see the evidence of God's faithfulness in the way He is supporting his work at ESTES. For years, God is using generous men and women who are supporting ESTES through Mission: Chad. Without these donors, it would be very difficult for us to regularly pay the monthly salary of teachers and staff members of ESTES as well as daily administrative work at ESTES.. . .

Dr. Nadoumngar

June 2014

To Serve at the Village Altonodji

By Joel Mbainoudji, ESTES Student

My wife Florine and I are both students at the Shalom Evangelical School of Theology (ESTES) in N'djamena, the capital city of CHAD. From the Village Altonodji in the city of Moundou, we had from the Lord three children, that were two boys and a girl, but the girl went to be with the Lord in November 20, 2012, the year we entered in ESTES.
. . .

March 2014

A Vision Realized

By Nancie Hoffman

DSC00983-x300When Mission:Chad started nearly 10 years ago, it responded to the call of its ministry partner, Pastor Ngarndeye Bako, to bring the love of Christ to the orphans of Chad. An orphan himself, Pastor Bako told of the over 500,000 orphans in his home country of Chad who had lost one or both parents as a result of famine, disease, or war. Since that time, conditions in Chad have improved in some respects, but worsened in others. Oil development in Chad has now brought some economic relief to the country. This is most evident in the commercial development that can . . .


March 2014

I'm Evarist Djessadjim, 1st. year Law Student at Univ. of Moundou


Recent recipient of Mission:Chad college scholarship award tells his story...

By Evarist Djessadjim

I'm Evarist Djessadjim, student in the first year in the Law Department at University of Moundou. I'm delighted to be a part of children taken in charge in Village Altonodji. I was only three (3) months old when my father died. I'm not lucky as other children to experience a father's love and I don't know even my father's face, because his pictures disappeared, or were taken by my father's relatives. My mother is the only one who struggled to give me birth and took care of me. I was born in a destitute family situation. To provide for our need, my mother struggled with a small trade that brought . . .


February 2014

Village Altonodji Today - The Inside Story From an Insider

We are delighted to share with you our preoccupations and are excited to see that you also share this news with other people for praying.

…Samuel Dounia, Village Altonodji Administrator  

Challenges for students who have special learning needs at Village Altonodji schools…

Samuel: "As a matter of fact children taken as a body have lacuna/gaps in reading and texts comprehension. This situation is at the basis of their failing in exams and we are often confused to see that we invest for their success even though their results are often beyond our expectations. So we experimented this term with a class in permitting extra classes in reading and text comprehension skills and this produced expected effects. Teachers accepted to exclusively repeat with children at school boarding in the afternoon; three times per week. It concerns all orphans who are living here in Village Altonodji but we open it for parents who want to let their children come back to study. ...


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