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June 2014

Trusting in the Lord

By Dr. Mardochee Nadoumngar
Principal of ESTES (The Shalom Evangelical School of Theology, Ndjamena, Chad, Africa)

"Do not, O LORD, withhold your mercy from me; let your steadfast love and your faithfulness keep me safe forever." (Psalm 40:11)

As we approach the end of the 2013-2014 academic year with the graduation ceremony scheduled for June 28, 2014, we look back and see the evidence of God's faithfulness in the way He is supporting his work at ESTES. For years, God is using generous men and women who are supporting ESTES through Mission: Chad. Without these donors, it would be very difficult for us to regularly pay the monthly salary of teachers and staff members of ESTES as well as daily administrative work at ESTES.. . .

Dr. Nadoumngar

June 2014

To Serve at the Village Altonodji

By Joel Mbainoudji, ESTES Student

My wife Florine and I are both students at the Shalom Evangelical School of Theology (ESTES) in N'djamena, the capital city of CHAD. From the Village Altonodji in the city of Moundou, we had from the Lord three children, that were two boys and a girl, but the girl went to be with the Lord in November 20, 2012, the year we entered in ESTES.
. . .

March 2014

A Vision Realized

By Nancie Hoffman

DSC00983-x300When Mission:Chad started nearly 10 years ago, it responded to the call of its ministry partner, Pastor Ngarndeye Bako, to bring the love of Christ to the orphans of Chad. An orphan himself, Pastor Bako told of the over 500,000 orphans in his home country of Chad who had lost one or both parents as a result of famine, disease, or war. Since that time, conditions in Chad have improved in some respects, but worsened in others. Oil development in Chad has now brought some economic relief to the country. This is most evident in the commercial development that can . . .


March 2014

I'm Evarist Djessadjim, 1st. year Law Student at Univ. of Moundou


Recent recipient of Mission:Chad college scholarship award tells his story...

By Evarist Djessadjim

I'm Evarist Djessadjim, student in the first year in the Law Department at University of Moundou. I'm delighted to be a part of children taken in charge in Village Altonodji. I was only three (3) months old when my father died. I'm not lucky as other children to experience a father's love and I don't know even my father's face, because his pictures disappeared, or were taken by my father's relatives. My mother is the only one who struggled to give me birth and took care of me. I was born in a destitute family situation. To provide for our need, my mother struggled with a small trade that brought . . .


February 2014

Village Altonodji Today - The Inside Story From an Insider

We are delighted to share with you our preoccupations and are excited to see that you also share this news with other people for praying.

…Samuel Dounia, Village Altonodji Administrator  

Challenges for students who have special learning needs at Village Altonodji schools…

Samuel: "As a matter of fact children taken as a body have lacuna/gaps in reading and texts comprehension. This situation is at the basis of their failing in exams and we are often confused to see that we invest for their success even though their results are often beyond our expectations. So we experimented this term with a class in permitting extra classes in reading and text comprehension skills and this produced expected effects. Teachers accepted to exclusively repeat with children at school boarding in the afternoon; three times per week. It concerns all orphans who are living here in Village Altonodji but we open it for parents who want to let their children come back to study. ...


January 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR! - From Our Friends & Partners in Chad

Hi! all

We are deeply thankful for all you have done for us here in Village Altonodji. Thanks be to our God, who answered our prayers during this first school term.  We are grateful for the divine protection over all the children in VA during this time.

Please let us share with you what God are made for us. As a result over all efforts, we obtained an 80% of success rate at  the end of the Christmas term. Some classes in the high school made progress but others still need improvement. We plan to have external courses for those in need during the upcoming school term. The solar panel received is very helpful and has contributed

to success of the children.  We have also notice God's hand in the good relationships between us as coworkers in the administration. May God guide you and bless you in this New Year.

We would like to share a prayer request with you concerning the war in Central Republic of Africa. This situation affects many families here in Chad. Pleased pray also for us and our work here at VA.

Happy New Year 2014.

Administrator, Village Altonodji


Christmas 2013

Christmas Message From Pastor Ngarndeye Bako


Dear Partners,

Greetings from Village Altonodji (VA) on behalf of the orphans in particular and children in general! Christmas is around the corner and we will soon be celebrating the coming of our Lord Jesus, a great reminder for us all of the great mercies of God and His love in that while we were sinners Christ died for us.  ...



December 2013

ESTES Library Expansion Project Needs Computers

In March, members of the Mission:Chad board visited the Shalom Evangelical School of Theology (ESTES) in N'Djamena and brought them badly needed text books for the school. The school is so grateful for these additions to their library! In discussions with headmaster Mardochee Nadoumngar, we discussed the inherent difficulty and ineffectiveness of carrying or shipping hard cover books to meet the long term needs of the students. Instead, we all agreed that a better solution for getting theology books to the school would be to load seminary-level Bible software onto computers and bring the computers to the school instead. This way, the students would have ...


ESTES Head Master Mardochee Nadoumngar receives Mission:Chad dotated textbook.


Medical Missions Update: Volunteers Still Needed!


Is the Lord calling you to use your medical training to help those in need? If so, Mission:Chad still has an opportunity for you! The medical missions trip to Chad has been postponed until January 2015, so if you are still interested in volunteering your medical service to the students at ESTES and/or the orphans in Chad, there is still time. We are looking for at least one more doctor and one nurse to join the team. If you are interested, please contact us at info@mission-chad.org, or by telephone at (815)286-8018. The trip will cost about $3000 per team member, and funds can be raised through payments to Mission:Chad designated for "Medical Mission." If you have other skills that could be used in future trips, please let us know so we can put you on a list for future reference. Thank you!

October 2013

Challenges Ahead For Village Altonodji 2013-2014 School Year

By Steven Hoffman

All eyes are on the Village Altonodji School (preschool - 12th grade) as it begins the new 2013-2014 school year. Extraordinary academic achievements have contributed to its reputation as one of the finest schools in all the country. A record 11 students have passed the baccalaureate exam which is required to enter college. Of the 11, 2 are orphan kids supported by Mission:Chad, and are recipients of our scholarship program.

Kindergarden students and their teacher.


September 2013

Let There Be Light!

By Steve Brendle

When the sun goes down in Village Altonodji it's dark, very dark. In a land with virtually no electrical grid, cooking fires and a few oil lanterns is the only light. In the towns some businesses and services have generators to provide light and refrigeration; but for the most part, it's dark. For safety of the children and refrigeration for the infirmary Mission:Chad funded a diesel generator for the village in 2008. This has proven to be both expensive to operate and difficult to maintain; we understand it is currently not operating at all!

Village Altonodji's single solar panel has been providing energy for the water well pump since 2010

Since visits in 2010, work has been done to design a solar power system at the Village that would provide lighting for orphan safety and studies, refrigeration, power for the computers and eventually, ceiling fans. Solar power ...

September 2013

Congratulations to Two Village Altonodji Orphans!

Graduating orphans Kake (L) and Evariste (R) will be attending the University of Moundou in 2013-14.

By Nancie Hoffman

June was a critical month for four graduating orphans at Village Altonodji. A test taken in that month would determine whether they could move forward in pursuing their academic dreams. In Chad, every high school graduating senior must pass a baccalaureate exam after their senior year before they can advance to college or other post-high school education. The exam is comprehensive, and covers the entire scope of learning through high school. For the graduating orphans, this test

brings months of stress as they contemplate whether all the years of hard work will finally pay off.

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