October 2013

Challenges Ahead For Village Altonodji 2013-2014 School Year

By Steven Hoffman

All eyes are on the Village Altonodji School (preschool - 12th grade) as it begins the new 2013-2014 school year. Extraordinary academic achievements have contributed to its reputation as one of the finest schools in all the country. A record 11 students have passed the baccalaureate exam which is required to enter college. Of the 11, 2 are orphan kids supported by Mission:Chad, and are recipients of our scholarship program.

Kindergarden students and teacher.

Many affected by malaria outbreak in Southern Chad,
including Village Altonodji

We are thankful to God for the many successes of the Village Altonodji School, but we're also ever vigilant and aware of the need for His protection from the opposition.

Recess activity for older students.

As school was getting under way, several important administrators and students were smitten by Malaria, which has become a serious problem for all Southern Chad this year. There was also a serious vehicle accident at the main gate to Village Altonodji which sent two students to the hospital, and injuring a widow and one other person from the city.

We'll be praying for encouragement and healing for key administrators:

Samuel, Calvain, Routour and Madji as they recover from malaria. They are needed to insure the successful management of Village Altonodji. Also needing prayer are the students and orphans who are sick with malaria, and for those recovering from the vehicle accident.

To learn more about the malaria crisis in Chad, visit IRIN News & The Guardian website for a recent report.

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"I am calling for  SOS prayers because the beginning of new year at Village Altonodji School has started with some attacks from our enemy."
...Pastor Bako

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