Christmas 2013

Christmas Message From Pastor Ngarndeye Bako

Dear Partners,

Greetings from Village Altonodji (VA) on behalf of the orphans in particular and children in general! Christmas is around the corner and we will soon be celebrating the coming of our Lord Jesus, a great reminder for us all of the great mercies of God and His love in that while we were sinners Christ died for us.

Living quarters for orphaned children at Village Altonodji in Moundou, Chad.

Village Altonodji banner demonstrating growth of student body by year; boys vs girls from beginning to end of last school year.

This year, VA is celebrating the 7 years of God's mercy and grace as well as the faithfulness of God to the mission of SCPEDT [the Chadian NGO that runs VA]. We thank Him for many orphans in Chad who are continually living this grace of God through our partners and donors in the USA. As we think back over these years of God's grace and mercy, we think of all those who have come and gone for short trip missions to encourage the work not just by finances but also by their presence in Chad. We thank you... so much!!! Our words are so weak to express to you our gratitude.

This school year, we have more children in the kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, and sewing machine center, in all about 633 destitute children including the orphans. This is because our schools have been seen as one of the best in the Region of Moundou, the South of the country. Many of our orphans were sick with malaria and Mission:Chad had heard our SOS prayer and call to come up with $3,000 that allowed us to give vaccines to 110 orphans and two of them are still under severe malaria. Also, we called the

sanitary department from the hospital to come and disinfect all the VA that will help to kill the mosquitos. The director of the primary school is still under severe malaria too.

The farm project has started this year with 2 hectares of corn, 100 mangoes have been planted and 50 guavas. We have not finished the harvest, but we expect some results that will help to feed the orphans. The solar light project is on the way: we have finished the first phase and are waiting for the second phase when the engineer will be ready.[Editor's Note: Mission:Chad still needs another $36,500 to complete this project!]

Phase One of the Village Altonodji solar lighting project includes (left) storage battries and controls, and, (right) solar cells mounted on several buildings like this one.

At last, I would like to inform you that brother Calvin Mbernodji is no more with us at VA as sponsor of the orphans. He had been given to us in 2006 by the government to help us but he has been called back to school for more training and will be moved in the North of the country to teach there after

finishing his studies for two years. We really lose him as our close coworker but we are thankful to the government to accept his work for 7 years with us. Pray that the Lord will give us the right person to take his responsibility.

Calvain Mbernodji

Please, praise God for all He is doing at VA and for you to glory His Name. Pray also, for the health of the children that the Lord will continue to provide all that we need to do the ministry. Pray for peace in Chad and in the world today!


Pastor Bako Ngarndeye


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Pastor Bako Ngarndeye

"...Mission:Chad had heard our SOS prayer and call to come up with $3,000 that allowed us to give vaccines to 110 orphans..."
...Pastor Bako

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