January 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR! - From Our Friends & Partners in Chad

Hi! all

We are deeply thankful for all you have done for us here in Village Altonodji. Thanks be to our God, who answered our prayers during this first school term.  We are grateful for the divine protection over all the children in VA during this time.

Please let us share with you what God are made for us. As a result over all efforts, we obtained an 80% of success rate at  the end of the Christmas term. Some classes in the high school made progress but others still need improvement. We plan to have external courses for those in need during the upcoming school term. The solar panel received is very helpful and has contributed

to success of the children.  We have also notice God's hand in the good relationships between us as coworkers in the administration. May God guide you and bless you in this New Year.

We would like to share a prayer request with you concerning the war in Central Republic of Africa. This situation affects many families here in Chad. Pleased pray also for us and our work here at VA.

Happy New Year 2014.


Administrator, Village Altonodji

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May God guide you and bless you in this New Year.!

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