March 2014

I'm Evarist Djessadjim, 1st. year Law Student at Univ. of Moundou

Recent recipient of Mission:Chad college scholarship award tells his story...

By Evarist Djessadjim


I'm Evarist Djessadjim, student in the first year in the Law Department at University of Moundou. I'm delighted to be a part of children taken in charge in Village Altonodji. I was only three (3) months old when my father died. I'm not lucky as other children to experience a father's love and I don't know even my father's face, because his pictures disappeared, or were taken by my father's relatives. My mother is the only one who struggled to give me birth and took care of me. I was born in a destitute family situation. To provide for our need, my mother struggled with a small trade that brought in just the minimum for us. My situation can be compared to that of other children, whose situation is similar to the founder of "Village Altonodji". Only a person who suffers can understand the suffering of other people. To be an orphan at the age of three months is not easy at all, in this complex and selfish world where self-interest is seen as being superior to mutual aid.

Altonodji was an answer to my mother's prayer. It's a grace for me to be admitted in this center created for orphans. My ad-mission in 2008 was a great relief for my mother. My situation day by day improved and I began to get worried about my two sisters left at home. Village Altonodji couldn't take all of us three children, and I was the only child to be accepted. I studied in a good ambience in the village and passed my BAC in 2013. After my BAC, I received a scholarship from our sponsor Mission Chad and studied the Law at the University of Moundou. What grace!!! My mother by the way profited by a micro loan from the Village Altonodji. These funds helped my mother to open a food stall so my sisters were secured from anxiety.

I couldn't describe the joy I have as a recipient of Village Altonodji's good deeds. I learned from my trainers like working and to attach myself to God. It's something more I can't find anywhere. Generally as an orphan one is an abandoned child and worse again one is with grandparents, which becomes complicated due to the fact that those latter don't take care of our education and spiritual growth. Altonodji filled the gap in me by giving me back my smile and permitting me to be accepted with dignity. I make friends and brothers in the Village. My family circle increased with my presence here in Village Altonodji.

May those who far from here contributed for my education find here the expression of my gratitude. God will know how to reward you. I have now the opportunity to pass once a month to the Village to talk with my young brothers and encourage them in the work. Part of me is still in the Village and my heart is entirely for the development of this ministry because the need remains great in the country. There is no place to live like Village Altonodji. May God bless all those who have a burden for the orphans and the widows' and thanks for the initiative taken by Rev. Dr. Bako, to help us grow in wisdom, stature and grace before God and before men. And thank you also to our sponsors from Mission Chad and partners as well as donors in the USA. On the behalf of other orphans, I say, we love you so much, come and visit us in Chad as part of your own family. We will never forget you.

Blessings to all,

Djessadjim Evarist

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Evarist Djessadjim


Part of me is still in the Village (Altonodji) and my heart is entirely for the develop-ment of this ministry because the need remains great in the country.

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