June 2014

Trusting in the Lord


By Dr. Mardochee Nadoumngar
Principal of ESTES (The Shalom Evangelical School of Theology, Ndjamena, Chad, Africa)

"Do not, O LORD, withhold your mercy from me; let your steadfast love and your faithfulness keep me safe forever." (Psalm 40:11)

As we approach the end of the 2013-2014 academic year with the graduation ceremony scheduled for June 28, 2014, we look back and see the evidence of God's faithfulness in the way He is supporting his work at ESTES. For years, God is using generous men and women who are supporting ESTES through Mission: Chad. Without these donors, it

Some of the faculty and staff at ESTES

would be very difficult for us to regularly pay the monthly salary of teachers and staff members of ESTES as well as daily administrative work at ESTES. An adage says, "A hollow belly has no ears." In other words, the hungry cannot consider what you said. Without regular salaries, faculty and staff members at ESTES cannot work well and the performance of our efforts would be poor. We express our gratitude to Mission: Chad and especially to each of its donors who have helped us to meet this vital need. May God multiply His rich blessings in your lives so, you do not have to regret because you have given to support ESTES.

Over the years, not only has Mission: Chad been concerned about workers' wages at ESTES, but it has also contributed to:

  • Pay tuition to some students who lack financial support from their churches,
  • Give some computers for ESTES administration,
  • Pay and store cereals (rice, corn, sorghum, peanuts, etc.) that students and teachers buy at low price when price rises on the market,
  • Pay for the irrigated farming project at ESTES,
  • Pay for sewing machines for the women school,
  • Pay for motorcycles for some faculty and staff members of ESTES,
  • Pay for solar ovens for school of women,
  • Pay for units for ice business to promote ESTES self-financing,
  • Pay for building repairs after the destruction caused by the floods,
  • Provided toys for little children of ESTES,
  • Give books for students and the library of ESTES

In addition to Mission: Chad, we give thanks to the Lord for other partners who have generously contributed to the construction of some buildings at ESTES: classrooms, administrative offices, library, conference room, dormitories for single students, daycare for little children, school of women, etc. These vessels are very important for the operation of ESTES. That is why we also thank all those who contributed to this cause. May God abundantly bless each of you for your generosity!

Fun! Kids enjoying the hand-crafted Ferrous Wheel on the grounds of ESTES.

ESTES is a school established by the Alliance of Evangelical Churches and Missions in Chad and should be effectively supported by local efforts, but these efforts always prove very inadequate. We very much need external partners to meet the challenges that are ahead of us. A few of these challenges for the coming year are:

  • Need for yearly salaries and administrative work cost ($US 52,000.00)
  • Creation of the Master in Theology program and Research Centre,
  • Increasing the number of students and tuition scholarships ($US 2,000.00 x 15 students yearly = $US 30,000),
  • Increasing the number of full time professors and additional salaries ($US 650.00 x 5 full time professors = $US 3,250.00 monthly),
  • Need of additional computers for the Research Center,
  • Employment of a person who teaches and maintains computers ($670.00 monthly x 12 = $US 8,040.00 yearly).

Please, pray with us that the Lord would help us meet these challenges, that He would raise up many generous donors who take these challenges as their own and help ESTES through Mission: Chad, and that He would raise up many local donors to support ESTES.


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Thank you for your prayer and financial support!

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Dr. Nadoumngar

"May God multiply His rich blessings in your lives so, you do not have to regret because you have given to support ESTES."
...Dr. Nadoumngar

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