October 2014

New Church Planting Matching Gift Opportunity!

By Steve Brendle, Director, Mission:Chad

With all the insurgent activity occurring around Chad, expanding the Church in Chad has become an even greater imperative. None of us knows how much time we have to do the important work of the Great Commission in Chad; we need to take advantage of every opportunity to advance the Gospel while we have time.

One of our early partners working with Pastor Bako and the Chadian evangelical churches focused their mission work on spreading the Gospel through church planting in southern Chad. They started by funding the chapel in the center of Village Altonodji in 2006, and have since funded four pastors and churches in some very rural areas of southern Chad. Members of Mission:Chad have attended the dedication of several of these churches, and seen the joy on the faces of the villagers, the fruit of the work in lives dedicated to Christ, and schools providing the only education available to some of the children.

Now, our partner has asked Mission:Chad and other organizations to join with them to establish wo more churches in the south,

Welcome gifts given to Mission:Chad team at new church dedication.

tcloser to Chad's volatile border with Central African Republic. With thousands of refugees flooding into relatively stable Chad from surrounding countries, the need to build churches and provide Christian support has grown faster than this one partner can support. Our partner has already approved half of the budget for this project on a "matching fund" basis: if we and other organizations are able to raise half the funds necessary for these church plants, they will contribute the rest. This is a wonderful opportunity to multiply our efforts towards a project that will bring souls to Christ in Chad. Please consider joining with us in advancing the Gospel in this important region of Chad while the opportunity still exists. We need raise $32,000 to match our partner's gift and complete these projects. Even a small donation over your regular support will help, just note that it is for "church planting". Thank you!

Local participants of new church dedication.

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new church planting matching campaign


Thank you for your prayer and financial support!

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"This is a wonderful opportunity to multiply our efforts towards a project that will bring souls to Christ in Chad.."

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