January 2015

ESTES: Investing in Future Pastors in this Digital Age

By Dr. Buz McNutt, Mission:Chad Director

At the heart of our work in Chad is the support of the evangelical churches. At the heart of the future of the evangelical church in Chad is the training of future pastors. In October of this year, ESTES celebrated 25 years of pastoral training, raising up the next generation of spiritual leaders for the nation as well as the women who support them. Yet, they have done so with a dearth of Biblical resources at their disposal.

Today, in this computer age, we finally have the opportunity to radically expand the Biblical resources available to our partners in Chad. Through the Logos Academic Discount Program, we are able to purchase these materials at a deep discount for the students, faculty, and staff of ESTES. Through this program, Mission Chad can be instrumental in quadrupling ESTES' current Bible Library. The world of electronic research material has yet to reach Chad, but you can be a part of changing that. This is truly an historic advancement in making disciples of all nations.

In order to take advantage of the Logos Academic Discount Program we need help from our donors. Even at discounted prices, this state of the art research tool is beyond the reach of our students in Chad. But you can be a part of changing the development of the church in Chad. Logos is already the leader in electronic research resources, but next year they will launch a new French Platform. This will open the world's best resources to our students at ESTES.

Please consider this historic opportunity to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ in one of the last outposts in the World. Every $800.00 donated for a laptop and Bible software will help us educate another future pastor with the  best of

biblical resources. Please prayerfully consider this opportunity to turn dry ground into well-watered soil!

Make donation towards
Logos bible software
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Thank you for your prayer and financial support!

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"...we finally have the opportunity to radically expand the Biblical resources available to our partners in Chad."

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