August 2015

One Girl Making A Difference!

Mission:Chad's youngest fund-raiser, Evelyn Dykstra!

Editor's Note:  This article was written by 12-year old Evelyn Dykstra, a Mission:Chad donor.  Evelyn contacted Mission:Chad asking for prayer support from Pastor Bako and the orphan ministry in Chad for the success of a bike-a-thon that Evelyn was organizing for the orphans and widows of Chad.  Evelyn so encouraged us all that we asked her to report on the bike-a-thon for this article. Her story below is a testament to God's faithfulness and grace in answering prayer.


By Evelyn Dykstra, Mission:Chad Junior Fundraiser

On June 13, 2015, thirteen kids rode their bicycles in a Bike-A-Thon on a small dirt road where I live to raise money for the orphans and widows in Chad, Africa.  We thanked God for the sunny skies and the breeze together and then asked Him to bless Mission: Chad and its outreach to the poor and destitute.  After ninety minutes of peddling, we tallied the miles we had biked and we are pleased to share the news with you that we raised pledges for over $4000!  Praise the Lord!!! 

In case you are wondering, my name is Evelyn Dykstra;  I'm 12 years old and home-schooled with four amazing siblings and 2 wonderful parents.  One morning, we were together reading Window on the World and came across a page telling about the country of Chad. It  struck me how many children are orphaned and in need of drinking water, food, clothing, and education. There is such a big difference between the wealthy U.S.A. and destitute Chad, Africa.  I wanted to help share what we have here in America with those who have need in Chad.  We used the internet to find Mission:Chad and I decided to organize a Bike-A-Thon to raise money to send.  I am happy to send the money we raised and I want to continue helping orphans and widows through Mission:Chad.  I hope to come to Chad and serve in the orphanage in the next four and five years.  

Kids Peddling for kids!

Even the local TV station came to report on the event.

Group photo after the ride.

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I wanted to help share what we
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those who have
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