October  2015

FATES: Trainig the Next Generation

FATES (formerly ESTES, the name was changed to reflect new Masters program) has continued to be the primary source of college level training for pastors, missionaries and other church leaders in Chad since it was started about 25 years ago. We thought we would give an overview of FATES as a way of introducing it to the new readers of this website.

Students must be sponsored by a church in order to attend FATES. Churches normally sponsor men who have already been serving in the church and have proven themselves ready to take on more responsibility once they have some additional training. This means that the men are usually married and have a few children and are not usually young people right out of school. Since the students are bringing family with them, FATES is providing nursery and kindergarten for the youngest children and are looking to add school for the first two primary grades since it is difficult for those to get to the nearest schools. So you can better understand where FATES is, here's a short link you can use to go to FATES on Google Maps.

The churches provide spiritual and financial support for those they recommend, but most churches can't fully financially support their students. This is why we have a scholarship fund for FATES students. The intention is to be able to add some support for those who would otherwise not be able to attend FATES. Full support for a student would be between $2,400 and $3,000 per year depending on the size of their family.

Lucienne, the Director of the women's program, is showing us a bag made by crocheting plastic strips.

Since some of the students will serve as missionaries or pastors in remote areas of Chad, the wives will need to be able to earn some income for the family to survive and also have skills so they make good use of the resources that are available. Because of this, the wives of the students are also trained in the Bible and in practical life skills such as sewing, knitting and crochet, and home economy. We've seen how this training helped prepare a woman for ministry to other women as we visited a FATES graduate that was serving at a Bible school in a small town in southern Chad.

The students will complete their studies at FATES in three years of study and then their sending church will direct

them to where they are most needed.

The main role of Mission:Chad is to raise funds that can be used for professor salaries and the administration of FATES. Without the generous support of Mission:Chad donors, it would be difficult for all salaries to be paid. 

We agree with Dr. Abel Ngarsoulede, the Director of FATES, who quoted Psalms 115:1 - "Not to us Lord, not to us, but to thy name give glory, O Lord" - as he expressed his gratitude to the Lord for His protection and guidance during the last school year and for providing ongoing hope to persevere in the school year that is just starting.

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FATES (formerly ESTES) Bible College and seminary, now offering Masters degree programs in Chad.

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