October 2015

Starting A New School Year at Village Altonodji

The orphans have returned to Village Altonodji after having spent the summer rainy season with extended relatives or volunteer church families who have hosted them. Though it may seem unusual to us that they would be sent away for this time, it does help them stay in contact with their community so that they are ready to participate fully in it when it is time to leave the center.

During the summer, the teachers have been receiving some training to help them be better equipped for the coming school year.

Class begins at 7:30am and lasts until early afternoon. When lunch is served, it is boiled millet that is cooked until it is very thick. Probably the closest in our diet would be like very thick mashed potatoes, though millet is more nutritious than potatoes. The Chadian name for the millet dish is boule and it is served with a sauce.

After lunch the external students go home and the orphans have a break. Later in the afternoon they can do their homework, take care of their garden, play soccer or basketball and use the books in the library. On some afternoons basic computer instruction is available.

You can get pretty dusty after a day of using a chalk writing tablet.

When Village Altonodji first opened, any reading at night had to be done by kerosene lantern light. Last year Mission:Chad and Spanish River Church provided the funding for a solar lighting system for the center.

We are thankful to God and you our donors who provide the support needed for these orphans to have food, clothing and an opportunity to go to school. For each of the last three years we have had two orphans graduating from high school and Misson:Chad donors have provided the funds needed for them to attend college.

Students in the library for a French lesson and a chance to look three years we have had two orphans graduating from high over the books that are available.

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For the destitute children in Chad, Village Altonodji offers  an opportunity to grow and prosper, demonstrating God's abundant love and grace

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