December 2015

Thanksgiving After Christmas at Village Altonodji (Cont'd)

By John Wickberg

On January 7th, 2016, Chadian members of SCPEDT and others from the community will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the official start of construction for Village Altonodji (VA). Our original plan was to join them personally in the celebration, but recent travel warnings as a result of the terrorist attacks in Paris altered these plans. These events serve to remind us that we never know when our opportunities to advance the Gospel in Chad and elsewhere may end, and so we need to take advantage of every opportunity while there is still time, as the verse in Ephesians 5:16 reminds us: "… redeem the time, for the days are evil…".

The Village Altonodji site in 2005

We first saw the site where VA would be built during a trip in December 2005. The land was in the middle of a farming area and could only be reached by a small dirt road. As we were inspecting the site, a herdsman came by with a number of cows. It took eyes of faith to see what could happen and Dr. Bako was the visionary that could set the path for others to follow.

Mission:Chad had only existed for about 1 - years at this point and we had a very small budget, so we thought it would be a long process before anything significant was built on the site. But God in His faithfulness had other plans. Through contacts with a partner agency, a large donation was given for VA - enough for the first two orphan dorms, a building for the widows, a kitchen and a place to eat. Other funds arrived for school buildings, administration offices and a guest house. Other partners helped in funding still other buildings - a chapel, a bakery and a sewing class room.

Village Altonodji in 2007—what only eyes of faith could see in 2005!

In January 2007, we went to Chad to attend the dedication of the buildings (there was still more work to do before orphans could stay on the center). We were amazed when we drove up to where the dirt road had previously been and found  a newly paved road in its place (a government project that we didn't know about). When we got to VA, all the buildings were in place, looking very nice with a fresh coat of paint. It was a great confirmation of how God works when people follow him in faith. Many people attended the dedication in 2007, including the governor of the province. Celebrations of important milestones are very important in Chad.

Please pray that this 10th anniversary celebration will be a time to reflect on what God has provided in the past and to encourage the faith of all those present to trust Him even more for their future needs.

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. . .we thought it would be a long process before anything significant was built on the site. But God in His faithfulness had other plans.

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