February 2016

Village Altonodji 10-Year Celebration Overwhelming Success!

Among the many local leaders and dignitaries giving speeches at Village Altonodji, the vice president of the organizing committee, Nadé Elie, "thanked the Lord for allowing this much anticipated event to become a reality... 10 years in existence is simply a grace of God and it is the beginning of a life to maturity of a living human being in general and in particular". He then invited the audience to come out "massively and participate in the festivities commemorating the 10th anniversary".

And come out they did. A representative of First Lady Mrs. Hinda Deby, gave an introduction given by the Advisor of Social Action and Family, Dilla Lucienne (below photo) . Other guest speakers included the Governor of the Moundou Region and the Mayor and his deputies..  Large numbers of people from various backgrounds included church leaders, Village Altonodji staff, students and their families.

In addition to the speeches given by community officials, the festivities included times of worship, fellowship, panel discussions, concerts (above photo), theater, sports events and a medical clinic. Several members of the Village Altonodji alumnus gave their compelling testimonies of the importance of the Village in their individual lives. One such Village Altonodji graduate, Mbaiamdéné Kodji-On-Be Bénédicte, gave her testimony and can be read below.

All in all, the six day commemorative celebration was a huge success. More details will follow in subsequent news postings. Thanks to all who prayed for a happy, safe and productive celebration!

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...cultural events (concerts, performances of traditional songs and dances .) with several groups who came from  all corners of the city and region,  and especially the  United singers came from Chad in N'Djamena, who held spellbound great human tide out for the occasion.  (SCPEDT)

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