April 2016

A Nation & the Orphans Give Thanks

By John and Vivi Wickberg

What do you imagine when you hear news about Chad? An African country situated south of the Sahara Desert? Hot weather, sand, needy people, unrest and danger? Yes, all of these, but God in His mercy provides for His people in a wonderful way!

Resident orphans were given opportunity to give thanks for Village Altonodji during the celebration participants and visitors.

During the week of January 4th to 9th, there was a celebration for the first 10 years of Village Altonodji. We were sorry that we couldn't personally be there, but have received reports on the festivities and will give a summary of some of the highlights.

The first thing that caught our attention was that some of the orphans from previous years returned to give thanks for the role of VA in their lives. One young lady, Bénédicte, was in the first orphan care program that was done by SCPEDT before VA had been constructed. Later, after VA was built, she spent a couple of years there. At the time she lost her father, she thought her only options were to "become a good cook or get into an early marriage or get into street gangs ... Village Altonodji rescued me and recovered me". She is now a lawyer and says "and soon I might be there to take in my hand the destiny of my nation". She is an example of how helping someone at a critical time can reap benefits throughout their life.

A representative of First Lady Mrs. Hinda Deby, exchanges a gift with a Village Altonodji resident orphan.

Another young man, Adelph, arrived in 2007 after his parents died. At that time his only option was to become a cattle herder. He recalls how the theme of "industriousness" at VA helped him complete his high school education. He is now taking English classes and wants to later study diplomacy.

The multi-day celebration was covered by Chadian media and the First Lady of Chad sent a representative to participate in the event. There were times of thanksgiving, speeches, singing, sports activities and skits. It was a good time of remem-bering all that God has done through these last 10 years and to reflect on the possibilities of what could follow.

We thank you, our donors, for the support you have provided to help make all that happens at Village Al-tonodji possible. Though you are miles away, you are helping to change the lives of orphans in Chad and, through them, a nation.

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"Village Altonodji rescued me and recovered me"...Bénédicte
 She is now a lawyer and says "and soon I might be there to take in my hand the destiny of my nation".

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