September 2016

First Masters Graduation at FATES

By Vivi Wickberg

Rejoice with us for the first graduation of the Masters program at FATES. By God's grace last year, the program so desired for many years has started and this year nine students graduated with the Masters Degree in Biblical studies. We thank God also for providing the scholarship which helped six students to graduate this year. Dr. Abel Ngarsoulede, the director of the seminary, provided us with information about the student supported by Mission Chad this year:

 Voursyakbe Pakain, will be teaching full time at FATES
 Kossadoumbaye Ngartibe, will be feeding the sheep of God as pastor
 Netoloum Philleppe as well, he is pastor and his training will improve his work
 Marie-Louise & Emmanuel Ganava, are waiting on the church for their assignment
 Tchangdoum Boniface will be teaching at FATES
 Vaigal Ouin will be a pastor in the church.

Thanks for praying for us and helping us in the work of God at FATES. We continue to pray that many will support this seminary to train more pastors and leaders in a country where more than 50% of the population is Muslim. Chad also has a large unreached population of 52.1%. see


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