December 2016

Church Planting Initiative May Expand Ministry Opportunities

By Steve Brendle

A meeting is being held this month in N'Djamena under the direction of Chad's movement leader and Mission:Chad partner, Pastor Ngarndeye Bako, to organize one of the most aggressive Christian outreach missions ever held in Africa. Ministry leaders from various denominations are gathering together with the goal of planting 1000 churches over the next 10 years in Chad to reach the many tribal groups who have never heard the Gospel and to care for the many orphans left by war and disease in this forgotten country.

Many worldwide organizations of churches, ministries and individuals have set a goal to reach all peoples in the world with the gospel of Christ in this generation. Under names like the Issachar Initiative, the Joshua Project and Finishing the Task, the Christian church has made incredible inroads to the many people who have never heard of Jesus.

Chad has finally risen to be in the top two or three countries on earth having the most unreached people groups. Because of this, Mission:Chad was contacted as a ministry already working with the church in Chad for help in this outreach effort. Since reaching these groups has long been a desire of Pastor Bako's, Mission:Chad arranged a meeting between Pastor Bako and one of the most experienced ministries doing outreach in difficult/dangerous places, Christian Aid Missions (CAM), during Pastor Bako's recent trip to the U.S. With CAM's expertise and contacts in the "Finishing the Task" movement and our experience doing ministry in Chad, we are moving ahead together with this enormous task.

The exact role Mission:Chad and you, as our support team, will play in this project is still evolving, but we wanted to let you know that the need for theological teaching, orphan and widow care, church planting and education in Chad isn't finished, and may be moving into an even broader outreach. Please pray for wisdom for both Mission:Chad and our ministry partner, FATES, to know how best to participate in this exciting project. May the Lord bless each and every one of you this Christmas as we remember the reason we are on this journey together!


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