December 2016

Pray for Chad - National Strike Affects Village Altonodji

The following prayer request was received from Madji Bako, daughter of Pastor Bako and Administrator of Human & Material Resources at Village Altonodji, regarding the current situation in Chad.

Greeting in His precious Name. It is our honor serving and working with you through the orphans of Chad in the city of Moundou even though you are far but close in the Lord. Since many years ago we are appreciating your partnership because of your warm hearts for the orphans and for all the workers with our goal and objective of making Christ known and worshiped among the destitute children of ALTONODJI VILLAGE. Thank you for your faithful prayers on our behalf.

Madji Bako with Mission:Chad Treasurer Vivi Wickberg

What made me call you is that serious events began in September, immediately after the school year started. There was a general strike in the entire country among the teachers, professors and students because of the lack of salaries and the suppression of the scholarships in the second and third years of the university. These economic and social issues affected as well ALTONODJI VILLAGE of the orphans as well. All our orphans have returned back to their extended families because of this situation and above all the insecurity of the children at the Village. The staff of the Village only is at work but all the other activities are stopped. We don't know how long this will last. This is the reason for our urgent prayer call. We need your prayers as partners in this difficult situation as you always do in this kind of hardship in the life of the orphans. We believe that through this situation God will be always be glorified (1 Thess 5:17).

Mission:Chad wanted to pass along this request for prayer from Madji, but also thought a little more explanation may be helpful.

The main cause for the current economic problems in Chad is the fall in the price of oil over the last couple of years - it's currently about half the price it was at the beginning of 2014. The government of Chad gets most of its revenue from oil and this drop has made it hard for all obligations to be met. Even though the school at Village Altonodji is private, the base salary of the teachers is paid by the government. The school couldn't stay open even if it had funds since that would make it the target of protests of those who are striking at the public schools. For the safety of the children, they are returned to their extended families and others willing to take them in during this time. Please pray that the situation in Chad is resolved soon so the children can return to their classes and to normal life at the Village!

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