Christmas 2017

Christmas Greetings & Update From Village Altonodji

Dear Mission:Chad Donors:

Village Altonodji (VA) started over 10 years ago and has provided Christian school for the needs of orphans. Education is a critical issue for the orphans and children living on the streets. VA has a sewing school, preschool, primary school and secondary school. These schools are open to any child in the city, but specifically target the needs of the orphans. The outside students pay a tuition which helps with the costs of running the schools.

The needs are great and our mission organization named SCPEDT with our partner Mission:Chad are always seeking to provide scholarships for those who pass their baccalaureates to go on to the local universities and sponsorship for those at VA (education, clothes, medicines, food, etc.). We have registered 100 orphans this school year, down from 142 last year. The drop is because of the insecurity in the country and a decrease in orphan sponsorship. Those who are now at the VA are 20 girls and 80 boys coming from several regions: Benoye, Ndjamena, Kelo, Beinamar, Moundou, Koumra, and Bebedjia. It's good to know that 10 widows are located at the orphanage in charge of the kitchen. We can see them all together with the coordinator of sponsorship, named Nade, on the left and Chaplain Joel on the right and some widows as well in the picture.

Your gifts will not only feed starving children but will allow them to get their education and experience the Gospel because we are developing a strong Christian education. This is a powerful way to make a lasting difference. Thank you so much to all our donors who are doing a tremendous sacrifice to share their lives with these destitute and hopeless children of Chad in Africa. We love you and are waiting to celebrate Christmas 2017 as always with you and as well with the One who came in the world with the eternal salvation. We wish you "Happy New Year" for 2018 with full blessings from God! We are praying for you as you are facing challenges and difficulties in your country as well. You are special to us! Thank you….. and love you again too much!

As you see, we have 30 students in a sewing classroom that accommodates only 15 students with 14 sewing machines. We praise God for what He has already provided but we are in need of one more classroom to fit all the students, and 10 more sewing ma-chines. This will cost $18,000 for a new building and $1,200 for the new machines. Please, pray for God's provision for us. This is a challenge but not impossible. May 2018 be for all of us a blessed and peaceful year!

Pastor Bako Ngarndeye


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"Thank you so much to all our donors who are doing a tremendous sacrifice to share their lives with these destitute and hopeless children of Chad in Africa."


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