December 2017

Mission:Chad Joins "Finishing the Task" Challenge

By John Wickberg & Nancie Hoffman

Since 2004, Mission:Chad has been fighting poverty and advancing Christ's Kingdom in Chad. During that time, we have focused our efforts on helping Chadians care for orphans in Moundou and N'Djamena, and on training the next generation of Christian pastors and workers at both the national seminary, FATES, in N'Djamena and in the local vernacular Bible schools scattered throughout the southern part of Chad. Now the global missionary organization, Christian Aid Mission (CAM) has turned their attention to this land-locked nation in Africa. CAM has supported indigenous missions throughout many regions in the world since 1970. Through its strategic initiative called "Finishing The Task" (FTT), Mission:Chad now has an even greater opportunity to make a difference in Chad and "grow into our name" by expanding our reach beyond Moundou and N'Djamena into the most remote regions of Chad.

From Christian Aid Mission's "Awaken the Heart of Africa" brochure, 2017.

The goal of the FTT initiative is to reach every unreached/unengaged people group in the world with the Gospel, where "unreached" has no indigenous church and "unengaged" have not even a missionary working among them. In researching the areas of the globe containing the most unreached/unengaged people groups, CAM's focus turned to Chad, a nation containing 72 unreached/unengaged people groups with a total population of over 4.8 million (see representation, right). The initiative in Chad will begin with 36 of these groups totaling 380,730 people. These groups are located in very inconvenient and even hostile areas within Chad, with each group having its own tribal language essentially unknown to those outside the group. Due to these difficulties, as well as the land-locked location of Chad itself, it is unlikely that any of these groups would ever receive Christian workers from other countries. Instead, the FTT initiative seeks to raise up workers from within the Chadian Church to accomplish its mission.


Due to its already established contacts in Chad, Mission:Chad was solicited by CAM to help launch the FTT initiative in Chad. With the help of our ministry partners in Chad, an implementing and organizing committee was established in Chad and is now called "Mission Impact". The members of Mission Impact include members from 22 evangelical denominations in Chad, including Dr. Abel Ngarsoulede from FATES. They are praying to eventually establish a witness for Christ in 1000 villages throughout Chad. During their Fall meeting, Mission Impact selected the first group of 120 workers to send out during the first year. They will go in pairs to their assigned locations and will be engaged in Community development work through local community centers, called "Hope Centers," to be built with FTT funds. Through this work they will care for orphans and other children at risk in these communities as well as in other poverty relief functions.

The next step in the project is to train the workers in their outreach efforts. This will occur during a Spring meeting that will be attended by Mission:Chad President John Wickberg and Director Dr. Buz McNutt. In the meantime, Mission:Chad has added two donation categories to our fundraising to make it easier for our donors to participate in this exciting project. The first is "Finishing the Task - Hope Center". One "Hope Center" will cost about $15,000 to build a community center that can be used for ministry activities. The other category is "Finishing the Task - Child Assistance". We are praying that we can get commitments

for $30/month/child for 10 children. Between these two goals we would be able to get one team ready to make an impact on an unreached community in Chad.

Please prayerfully consider whether the Lord may be leading you to contribute to this exciting ministry opportunity. Together we can help further advance Christ's Kingdom in Chad and reach those who have never heard of the hope there is in Christ!

Fund-raising for Finishing The Task
has ended.
Thank you for your participation!

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"Mission:Chad now has an even greater opportunity to make a difference in Chad and "grow into our name" by expanding our reach beyond Moundou and N'Djamena into the most remote regions of Chad.."


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