Village Altonodji: Administration Personnel Profiles

The success of our mission in Chad is wholly dependent on the good work of our sister organization (SCPEDT), which is made up entirely of Chadian Nationals. Your donations go to support the efforts of the indigenous church—"helping Chadians help themselves". It is, therefore, important to know who these administrators are and what they are doing to fully appreciate how wisely your donations are being used. If the quality of the leaders is an indication of the same in an organization, then it is abundantly clear that SCPEDT is of the highest quality, integrity and dedication.

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Datoloumbeye Poltazar Lol
Pastor and Teacher at Village Altonodji

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Calvain Mbernodji
Orphan Advocate, Counselor and Teacher at Village Altonodj
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NDissedmadj "Jérémie" Torniguenoudji
Village Altonodji Accountant

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He (God) defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow...
Deut 10:18

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