Villige Altonodji campus buildings

On an historic January 7, 2007, Mission:Chad joined SCPEDT in dedicating the first and only orphan village in Chad run by Chadian nationals.  The village is located in the southern Chadian city of Moundou.  When completed, Village Altonodji (which means "the orphan needs your love") will become home to 300 of Chad's neediest children.

Built around a new church, the village contains dorms, schools, a library, a bakery, a clinic, a dining hall, a kitchen, an administration building, a director's house and a guest house. The schools consist of a trade school, a kindergarten, a primary school and a secondary school.  There is also land that will be dedicated to farming so that the village can eventually be self-sufficient. At present, six five-room dormitories house 123 orphans. There is also a widow's dorm to house the women who are caring for the children..

We praise God that on October 1st 2007 the first forty three orphans made their home at the Village Altonodji, along with four dedicated widows who are the orphans' "mommies", caring for all aspects of the children's lives.  All three schools also started on October 1st and have enrolled a total of two hundred students including children from the surrounding villages.  We were thankful to God for the provision of seventeen well trained, experienced teachers. The school quickly gained a good reputation in the surrounding community and many wanted to be part of it. The nonresident students pay school fees which help to defray some of the expenses at Village Altonodji.

The second school year began with a total of 290 students due in part to the subsequent inclusion of all destitute children transplanted at the Village from N'djamena and Moundou.

We praise God for the three godly men who are working at Village Altonodji: Calvain, Head of Child Sponsorship and Development; Isaak, School Administrator, and; Jeremie, the accountant.

We are thankful to God that so much has been accomplished already.  Still, some furnishings, a wall to surround the property of ten acres and vehicles are needed. Until the Village is able to achieve self-sufficiency through farming, vocational training and micro loan opportunities, ongoing monthly expenses  will continue to be needed to provide food, clothing, healthcare and education for the children, as well as salaries for the teachers, manager, guards and maintenance worker at the Village.

Please consider whether God is leading you to play a part in the historic Village Altonodji project.

He (God) defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow...
Deut 10:18

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