June 2018

Teacher's Strike: On Again!

As the June articles were being published, we received news that nationwide teacher strikes have started again in Chad because of a break down in the agreement made in March. Pray that both sides can come to a common agreement soon.

June 2018

Village Altonodji: A Year Restored, Challenges Ahead

In January, a nationwide teachers strike started because of cuts in salaries and missed payroll payments. For security reasons, Village Altonodji needed to close and the orphans were sent out to their extended families or local host families.

In February, Mission:Chad board members John Wickberg and Pastor Buz McNutt visited Village Altonodji, but found it completely empty except for the administrative staff and the workers at the health clinic that serves VA and the local community. At that time, no one knew when the strike would end, they were hoping soon, because if it went too much longer the entire school year would need to be repeated. ...

June 2018

What Happened to Finishing The Task?

In the December article we described how we would be going to a conference on "Finishing the Task" in Chad that was being sponsored by Christian Aid Mission. The goal of the conference was to train Chadian missionaries who are ready to go out to the unreached people groups of Chad.

The conference had three tracks of training: Community Health Evangelism, Church Leadership and Bible translation. We were thankful to see the large number of participants (about 80 at the start, but more joined during the week) and to hear the stories of people already involved in ministry.

However, we also realized that it is too early in the process to have targeted fund raising goals like the ones we proposed. Therefore, the Mission:Chad board has decided that now is not the right time for us to pursue this—especially given that we now need to concentrate on increasing the donations for Village Altonodji.

March 2018

Nationwide Teacher's Strike in Chad Has Ended

The government and union leaders came to agreement on March 14th so that the 6-week nationwide strike has ended.

Starting March 19th, the students and orphans will be returning to Village Altonodji.

Pray that everyone will be safe as they return and that administrators, teachers and students will all work together as plans are made to complete the current school year.

Thank you for all your prayers during this strike.

March 2018

Nationwide Workers Strike Continues in Chad

Due to recent strikes by workers and teachers at government schools, Village Altonodji has also had to stop classes and send the orphans to extended family members or other host families until the security situation improves.

Please Pray!

December 2017

Mission:Chad Joins "Finishing the Task" Challenge

Bells-f1f1f1By John Wickberg & Nancie Hoffman

Since 2004, Mission:Chad has been fighting poverty and advancing Christ's Kingdom in Chad. During that time, we have focused our efforts on helping Chadians care for orphans in Moundou and N'Djamena, and on training the next generation of Christian pastors and workers at both the national seminary, FATES, in N'Djamena and in the local vernacular Bible schools scattered throughout the southern part of Chad. Now the global missionary organization, Christian Aid Mission (CAM) has turned their attention to this land-locked nation in Africa. CAM has supported indigenous missions throughout many regions in the world since 1970. Through its strategic initiative called "Finishing The Task" (FTT), Mission:Chad now has an even greater opportunity to make a difference in Chad and "grow into our name" by expanding our reach beyond Moundou and N'Djamena into the most remote regions of Chad. ...

Christmas 2017

Christmas Greetings & Update From Village Altonodji

Bells-f1f1f1Village Altonodji (VA) started over 10 years ago and has provided Christian school for the needs of orphans. Education is a critical issue for the orphans and children living on the streets. VA has a sewing school, preschool, primary school and secondary school. These schools are open to any child in the city, but specifically target the needs of the orphans. The outside students pay a tuition which helps with the costs of running the schools. ...

June 2017

Four More College-Bound Orphans at Village Altonodji

By Nancie Hoffman

Since 2004 Mission:Chad has been supporting orphans and widows at the Village Altonodji in Moundou and pastoral training at the FATES seminary in N'Djamena. During that time, we have witnessed God's grace in providing for the building of the orphanage/education complex, starting with dormitories and classrooms to provide living quarters and a K-12 education for some of the neediest children in Chad. Through the generous donations of

June 2017

Burden for the Gospel

By John Wickberg

We were recently introduced to two of the students at Shalom Faculty of Evangelical Theology (a/k/a "FATES", formerly named "Shalom Evangelical School of Theology") and wanted to share their stories as a way to give a better idea of the commitment it takes for someone to go back to school when they have a family to support. ....

June 2017

A Year of Disruption & Grace

The school season of 2016-2017 at the Village Altonodji was marked by disruption due to ongoing strikes between the government and the public teachers, many of whom teach at the Village. The falling price of oil and the high costs of fighting Boko Haram deprived the Chadian government of much needed revenue. Austerity measures gave rise to widespread protests and strikes as wages went unpaid. ....

December 2016

Pray for Chad - National Strike Affects Village Altonodji

The following prayer request was received from Madji Bako, daughter of Pastor Bako and Administrator of Human & Material Resources at Village Altonodji, regarding the current situation in Chad.

Greeting in His precious Name. It is our honor serving and working with you through the orphans of Chad in the city of Moundou even though you are far but close in the Lord. Since many years ago we are appreciating your partnership because of your warm hearts for the orphans and for all the workers with our goal and objective of making Christ known and worshiped among the destitute children of ALTONODJI VILLAGE. Thank you for your faithful prayers on our behalf. ...

December 2016

Church Planting Initiative May Expand Ministry Opportunities

By Steve Brendle

A meeting is being held this month in N'Djamena under the direction of Chad's movement leader and Mission:Chad partner, Pastor Ngarndeye Bako, to organize one of the most aggressive Christian outreach missions ever held in Africa. Ministry leaders from various denominations are gathering together with the goal of planting 1000 churches over the next 10 years in Chad to reach the many tribal groups who have never heard the Gospel and to care for the many orphans left by war and disease in this forgotten country. ...

March 2016

Hearing From More FATES Scholarship Recipients

Continuing in a series of letters written by FATES Bible College students benefiting from the scholarship funds donated by Mission:Chad donors up through December 2015. They express by their own words what this has meant to them personally. . .

March 2016

Orphan Graduate's Testimony at  10-Year Celebration (cont'd.)

I'm Ayang Grandi, I'm studying 2nd year Administration at the University of N'Djamena
On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Village Altonodji, I would like to express my gratitude to the Director Founder Reverend Pastor Bako. For me he is the father of all fathers I have known in this world. I am an orphan, I thought the idleness and the street could have been my home. Thanks to the orphanage "Village Altonodji" and its partners today I cry loudly that my future is certain. I will become and be the man I dreamt to become. I wish success to the juniors and cadets who are still in this center. I have hope and will tell you its meaning. I am very grateful to our American partners. May God grant them long life for all they have done and what they do for our fulfillment.

February 2016

Village Altonodji 10-Year Celebration Overwhelming Success!

Among the many local leaders and dignitaries giving speeches at Village Altonodji, the vice president of the organizing committee, Nadé Elie, "thanked the Lord for allowing this much anticipated event to become a reality... 10 years in existence is simply a grace of God and it is the beginning of a life to maturity of a living human being in general and in particular". He then invited the audience to come out "massively and participate in the festivities commemorating the 10th anniversary". . .

February 2016

Orphan Graduate's Testimony at  10-Year Celebration

I am a fatherless girl. Because of the absence of my father, I believed that everything could become obscure to me and no future would hold for me: may be I'll become a good cook or get into an early marriage or get into street gangs ... The orphanage "Village Altonodji" rescued me and recovered me in 2004 when I was still in 6th grade. I still remember that sentence dad Bako told me when I arrived there: "Be welcome my daughter, your father that you lost is alive. Because God is rich in mercy did not forsake you ... you will succeed. " What words of comfort? My stay at Altonodji, was blessed and I am very grateful to all the men and women who have made their modest contribution to the survival of the Village Altonodji, especially American partners for whom I still have beautiful memories. In 2009, I went to my mother, continued the school and I passed the baccalaureate in 2010. Today, after the graduate school, I am a lawyer and soon I might be there to take in my hand the destiny of my nation: it is thanks to you.

Mbaiamdéné Kodji-On-Be Bénédicte


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