Meet Jérémie, VA Accountant- More Than Numbers


By Beth Rodgers
Written August 2009

NDissedmadj Torniguenoudji, otherwise known as Jérémie, has been the VA accountant since April, 2007. Jérémie manages the finances for the school and is in charge of purchasing school supplies like pens, notebooks, pencils and erasers. When asked if supporters could send notebooks to the children, Jérémie points out that notebooks in Chad are very different and that money given to Mission:Chad by supporters goes a long way to purchase supplies that are very expensive in Chad.

This multi-tasking brother also has the responsibility of purchasing food for the widows to prepare for the children's diet; mostly millet, corn and vegetables. During meal times, Jérémie helps to supervise the children and makes sure they rest for an hour before resuming classes at 3:00 pm. in the afternoon. He is also on call when a child falls ill and needs to see the nurse or be taken to the hospital. The children get sick often with humid weather. The children often seek Jérémie out to talk with him, share their ideas, seek his advice and ask questions about the work he does as an accountant because they're interested and want to know more about his profession. Some children have a genuine interest in data processing. Last but not least Jérémie works with the teachers providing copies of texts that they need for their classes.

Jérémie is married and has 3 boys 10, 6, and 5 months old. Vivi Wickberg and Beth Rodgers from Mission Chad visited with Jérémie and his young wife in their home. Jérémie speaks French but his wife does not, but smiling and nodding go a long way in communicating. Jérémie's mother and father were Christians, deacon and deaconess in the church and Jérémie became a Christian at a young age and was baptized in November of 1987. When he's not working at the village, Jérémie serves as counselor on the Micro Loan project advisory board. When asked what he
thinks about the Micro Loan project, Jérémie agrees that it's a good project that can help destitute women. Each woman chosen for the project receives a loan that will allow them to establish a small business, generating enough income to provide food for her children. A small business can buy food, clothes and medicine for the family.


Jérémie, a true

Village Altonodji Finance Manager, Purchasing Agent, child advocate and counselor on Micro Loan advisory board


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