Mission:Chad provides essential living expenses to needy orphan children in the two largest population centers in Chad: N'djamena and Moundou. Some live in the homes of sponsoring families and others live at the newly opened Village Altonodji orphan center. Here we feature the stories of all orphan children Mission:Chad supports.

Caleb Díjmasra

Caleb D'Jimasra

"Because my father and mother have died, they have abandoned me, so I come here to get an education for my life tomorrow."
…Caleb D'jmasra

Now 16 years old, Caleb's life has been one of struggle since an early age. His mother died when he was 13 and his father died when he was very young. An aunt and an older married sister live in nearby Moundou where Caleb visits on Sundays. He has a younger sister living at Village Altonodji as well.

Hanging plant from decorative "bol"

Being a Christian has played an important role in shaping Caleb's attitudes in life. "When I was a child I went with my mother at church. When I grew up, I am converted and now I ask God to forgive me for all sin that I did," was Caleb's confession of faith. He attends the nearby Christian Assembly Church.

Asked of Caleb's ambitions, he replied "I want to be an engineer but I like to help other orphans like me tomorrow". He excels very well as a high

Caleb at his new home in his dorm

 school junior. When asked what makes him happy, he replied: "At the VA, I can be an engineer tomorrow, and to learn new things to help me tomorrow and I can learn the computer at the VA library." His favorite sport is football (soccer).

Benedicte Mobeang

Benedicte  Mob'eang

"I thank God that I can go to school here and that I have food to eat. …I thank Mission:Chad who helps us with many things here…thank you!"

Benedicte's parents both died when she was young—she has no memories of them. Her aunt and uncle took her in where she lived until coming to Village Altonodji; on Sundays, she regularly returns to visit with them. At the age of 13, she really enjoys school and is in her first year of High School; her favorite subject is English and does her homework in her dorm room at night with no table, but only a kerosene lamp. She hopes someday to work in an office.

She is a very social outgoing girl, tall and skinny; laughs easily and likes to run and jump.  Her favorite past-time game is called Lido; she likes Chicken and Couscous the best. She has made many friends among the children of the village.  Julie is her widow-mama at Village Altonodji and likes to go to market to help her carry their goods. Calvain, the director of orphans, said that she often has nightmares and is troubled at times with chest pains.

Dionlar MBaiouga

Dionlar MBaiouga

Dionlar means "The Chief Pays"
Age 14
6th grade student

M'bai is a very engaging young man.  His father died and his mother abandoned him.  He doesn't remember much about either parent.  When his mother left him, his grandmother went with
her and he stayed with his grandfather.  During those years he would look for work and do small jobs for people to earn a little money here and there. "I carried sacks of grain and other things for the people who would hire me. My grandfather was hired to be a guard at Village Altonodji and he told me that if I would come and work with him that I could live at the village too! So I came here and I get to eat food and I have my own place to sleep.  I sleep very well here in the village."

This young man lived in the village and watched and helped as each building has been built.  He helped his grandfather put in the well at the village.  He enjoys studying Math and his favorite food is Macaroni.

Marx Nodjiam Portrait

Marx Nodjiam

At the age of 4, Marx Nodjiam's father died from an unknown illness. His mother subsequently disappeared and has not been seen or heard from since. Today Marx is 10 years old and is in the 6th grade and is being raised by an uncle. 

Vivi Wickberg & Pastor Bako visiting Marx Nodjiam

Vivi Wickberg and Pastor Bako during a recent visit with Marx at his home in Moundou.

Young Marx has a heart for Christ and regularly attends Sunday school, Youth Ministry and Wednesday prayer meetings. Some of Marx's devotion to Christ was probably learned from his grandfather, who was one of the first ordained Pastors in Chad. Marx loved his grandfather very much, as they would do many things together. His Grandfather died a year ago and he misses him very much.

Marx Nodjiam is currently supported by Mission:Chad. Although he lives in the southern city of Moundou, he will not become a resident of the Village Altonodji because he is living in the home of a relative who is willing to raise him.

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Future articles and photographs featuring individual orphans, widows and caregivers supported by the donors of Mission:Chad will be presented on this page.

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Fatime Tchere & relatives in 2003


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