In Chad, the believers in Jesus Christ are located mainly in the south. The recent oil boom in Chad has brought many from the north into the area. Newcomers are also purchasing many businesses. So, the church of Chad is under pressure in many ways and needs strong leadership, both nationally and locally, to help it grow and expand despite the many problems it faces.

Since 2004, Mission:Chad has been actively supporting the ministry of  FATES, the only Protestant, accredited, degree-granting Bible college (taught in French) in Chad, located in the capital city of N'Djamena. The work of FATES in the development of leaders for the national Church cannot be overstated. Graduates of FATES go on to assume leadership and missionary positions within the Church all across the country, but primarily in the larger cities. In addition to the important work at FATES, the churches in Chad also give funds for the support and training of new local pastors and missionaries who aren't yet academically prepared for the more challenging programs offered at FATES. These programs include a vernacular Bible school with two locations, one at Bebalem, Chad, and one at Dobola, Chad. These schools teach the Bible to approximately 50 students at a time (25 at each location). Classes are taught in the local tribal language (one of about 130) since these students may not yet be able to speak in French, and may have completed only elementary school. In addition to these vernacular Bible schools, there is a second tier of  Bible teaching that occurs in a French-teaching non-degree-granting Bible school located in Moundou, Chad. From this second tier school, some of the students may finally be admitted into FATES. For all these programs, the funds given have been insufficient to train the number of pastors and missionaries needed.

As part of Mission:Chad's strategic mission to strengthen and broaden the reach of the Church in Chad, we have decided to provide additional financial support for the "grassroots" vernacular Bible program located at Bebalem with a view to increasing the number of trained pastors that are able to minister to the needs of people located in smaller villages across the country. Just as our work with FATES has as its goal the strengthening of the Church from "the top down", our work with the vernacular Bible program is intended to strengthen the Church "from the bottom up." At Bebalem, 25 students will be chosen for Bible training that will last four years. Students who complete this training will serve as pastors and missionaries mainly in the smaller villages, or graduate to the second-tier Bible school in Moundou. SCPEDT will administer the funds received for the vernacular

program. The cost for each student in the vernacular program will be about $23/month for a total annual training cost of about $6,900. We will also contribute to the repair and maintenance of the building that is used for the Bebalem program, which is estimated to cost around $3,500 in the first year when most of the repairs are made. These amounts constitute about 30% of the operating cost of the Bebalem school. Finally, we would like to contribute to a nearby health clinic, as well as the health care costs of the Bebalem students, so that their health care needs are provided for while they are in school. This is estimated to cost around $3,850 for the

Bebalem Bible School classrooms building showing signs of disrepair.

first year. In total, we are hoping to raise about $14,250 for the first year of the program.

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A Vision for Strengthening the Church in Chad

College president & wife.

One of two teachers at the Institute who is an ESTES graduate.


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